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Women have been subjugated since long, as far as one can remember, and often, men have been the perpetrators of this subjugation. Our society harbours a deep imbalance when it comes to gender parity, and this has led to horrendous social, psychological and economic deficiencies, across sectors. But, with the rise of the new social generation and a renewed information age, the case for supporting women has been strong. Why Should the World Invest in Women attempts to strengthen this thought by way of interaction. We interact with corporate titans, prominent film producers, civil leaders, public servants, young change-makers and seasoned development professionals to decode the case of investment in women, why it is the need of the hour and how all of us can become an active part of it.

Available here :

Why Should the World Invest in Women

Illustrations + Layout Design + Cover for this book by The Optimist Citizen

Why Should the World Invest in Women
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