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South Asia State of Minorities Report 2021: Hate Speech against Minorities presents chapters from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka to highlight how hate speech has been used in the various country contexts to advocate violence against minority groups and how it has led to their further suppression. This volume is planned as a tool for advocacy. It is hoped that these annual reports on outcomes for minorities and the quality of state provisioning will spur public debate in the region and create the conditions for state parties, and regional and international mechanisms to give serious consideration to issues of minorities. The purpose of the initiative is to promote equal citizenship and equal rights for all citizens, a central challenge of the ‘deepening democracy’ agenda in the region, and to highlight the alarmingly narrow civic space for minorities, including human rights defenders, journalists and activists.

This report was produced under a joint collaboration between Minority Rights Group and the South Asia Collective, under the project ‘Supporting Religious Pluralism and Respect for Freedom of Religions or Beliefs across South Asia’ More information on this project can be found here. :

South Asia State of Minorities Report

Illustrations and layout for the English and Urdu version of this report.

South Asia State of Minorities Report
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