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46% of leaders noted that women need to work on their visibility, taking risks and asserting themselves.
50% women leaders credit their success to resilience, agility and openness to learning.
45% of women stated that emotional intelligence had a key role to play in successful decision making.
70% women surveyed had a high level of self-awareness.
30% leaders stated that Networking actively would help women succeed in securing top roles.
30% top women leaders attribute their success to business acumen.

To get well-rounded insights, Shenomics' researchers had in-depth conversations with nearly hundred men and women leaders from across industries and sectors. They interviewed three sets of leaders:

Aspiring women leaders - to understand their current approach as wel as the top challenges they are facing.
Women in top roles - to draw key insights and best practices from their successful path to leadership.
Senior Executives (men and women) - to understand what it is that guides their choices while hiring or grooming leaders for top roles.

The insights have been distilled into a 9-competency framework that incorporates the key professional and interpersonal leadership competencies that can help shape women leaders.

A Competency Framework for Women Leaders

Report Design and visualisation for Shenomics

A Competency Framework for Women Leaders
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